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At Grainworks, farming is our passion and family is our foundation. We know great food comes from working the land the way nature intended, and our commitment to healthy food and a healthy planet spans 4 generations. Sustainable organic farming is the cornerstone of our family farm. Always has been, always will be.

Our mission is to provide you with wholesome and delicious organic food. Since the first harvest by our great grandparents in 1912, to our first batch of certified organic flour in 1986, and through to now our core principles and guiding philosophy has never changed.

We carry over 100 Certified Organic food products—some we grow on our farm, and those that we aren’t able to grow, we source from places that share the same commitment to wholesome foods and organic integrity as we do.

We believe healthy organic grains produced in harmony with nature, not only provide better nutrition, but are also more flavourful. And wanting to provide better choices for your family, and ours is what motivates us to climb back onto the tractor every morning.

Sustainably farming the Canadian Prairies since 1912.

We believe healthy soil produces healthy food… and a healthy planet.

We’re always protecting the environment and building fertile, living soil. This strengthens biodiversity and ensures sustainable land stewardship for generations to come. All while bringing you food that’s as delicious as it is good for you!

Our dedication to time-tested organic principles also goes far beyond each harvest. We never over harvest our crops, focusing on diversity. By alternating between different types of crops each year our soil is protected and replenished, unlike non-organic farming that wears out the soil because of repeated single crop use.

Our foods are free from pesticides and synthetic chemicals. And we never use additives, blending agents, preservatives or ionizing radiation. We mill our certified organic, non-GMO whole grains, beans and legumes at low temperatures and in small batches to preserve each nutrient for superior freshness and flavor.

It's a difference you can taste: true farm-to-fork goodness in every bite. We’re proud to share our bounty with you!

Small batch milling for
freshness you can taste

The core principles guiding us, and our milling philosophy, remain the same as when we produced our first batch of certified organic flour over 30 years ago.

We mill at low temperatures to preserve the healthiest parts of the grain—the bran and the germ. This retains valuable nutrients and yields flours rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, so you can enjoy the healthful benefits of the “whole” grain in your baked goods.

Our goal is to achieve the greatest nutrient value possible through good, organic faming and milling practices. We are proud to be both tillers of good seed and millers of healthy flour.

GrainWorks carries and supports, in a full and integral way, full Organic Certification that adheres to strict Canadian Organic standards. The "certified organic" symbol is earned through a yearly verification process.

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