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Thompson Organic Raisins

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Our medium dark, plump organic Thompson raisins are nourished only with pure water, fresh air and the sunshine and are never treated with sulphur dioxide. For a great taste that complements any recipe. Like a raisin in the sun Grapes are the oldest cultivated fruit. Raisins are traditionally dried in the vineyard under warm sunny skies, or in ovens b a process that can take two to four weeks. Thompson raisins are made from seedless Sultana green grapes, originally from the Ottoman Empire. Like grapes, they are high in healthy antioxidants that fight inflammation and disease. Raisins contain bone-boosting calcium, boron and magnesium, as well as phosphorous, selenium and other nutrients. They are also a good source of insoluble fiber. But most surprisingly, raisins benefit dental health! They contain Oleanolic Acid that helps protect teeth against decay and gums against gingivitis. Tasty Tips and Storage Raisins are Grainworks Kitchen Essentials because they perk up any recipe they re in, from elegant entrees to baked goods. Soaking raisins in hot water for about 10 minutes before using them in a recipe keeps them plump and moist while baking and prevents burnt raisin taste. Store in airtight containers, or our Grainworks resealable bags. Raisins can be stored in the frig or freezer to extend their life.

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