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Organic Christmas Lima Beans

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Christmas Limas (Phaseolus Limensis) are related to the lima bean. This is a large bean, about the size of a 5 cent piece - 7/8 cm long. They're fabulous, with a chestnut-like flavour and a creamy, buttery texture. A Christmas Lima Story The Christmas Lima is also referred to as a speckled Lima, butter bean or calico bean. This bean keeps its colourful markings after cooking. The Christmas Lima is an heirloom bean, which means these are beans that have been carefully handed down for several generations. In fact, these beans are included in Slow Food's "Ark of Taste", a catalogue of culturally important and endangered foods. One taste of these beautiful beans, and you'll see why preserving this heritage is so important! The Christmas Lima is named for its chestnut flavour and festive colouring. Tasty Tips and Storage Grainworks Organic Christmas Lima Beans are just the right ingredient for cold weather stews and vegetarian meals. To cook, place cleaned beans in a bowl of fresh cold water, cover and soak for 3 to 8 hours or overnight before cooking, or bring to a boil in water, remove from heat, cover and soak for 1 hour. Always drain soaking water before cooking. Cook Christmas Limas by covering with 2" of water and simmering until tender. Add seasonings as desired; beans benefit from adding salt during the last half hour or so of cooking. It typically takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours for them to cook. Like most stored foods, beans are best stored in the absence of oxygen and light, which can speed rancidity and fade bean colour. Store in a cool dark pantry in our resealable bags or an airtight container. Refrigerated/frozen storage isn't recommended for dried beans, which will last for a year or more properly stored in the pantry.

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