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Organic Hulled Millet

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Millet is an ancient whole grain from the Far East that's somewhat sweet and cooks quickly, making it as convenient as it is delicious. Grainworks Organic Hulled Millet adds a nutty taste and texture to recipes. Millet: The world's oldest cereal grain Millet is believed to be the first domesticated cereal grain. Today it feeds over one-third of the world's population! While millet grains are tiny in physical size, they're big on nutrition. Millet is alkaline, so it helps to balance acidity in the body while supplying protein, essential amino acids and dietary fiber. Millet is also a source of manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. Hulled millet is a gluten-free food. Tasty Tips and Storage Use hulled millet to add a nutty taste and texture to bread, combine with other grains served as a pilaf or stuffing, cook it into a creamy breakfast cereal, or try it sprinkled on top of salads as a crunchy topping. Hulled millet can be stored for almost indefinitely in the freezer in our resealable bag, or an airtight container. If not storing in the freezer, stored it in a cool, dry and dark place hulled millet can be kept for a year or more.

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