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Organic Multi-Grain Mix

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Our Multi-Grain Mix is an uncut blend of pure, whole grains of hard red wheat, triticale, rye, hulled oats, hulled barley, hulled millet, and brown flax. The whole grain, and nothing but the grain This blend of 100% whole grains contains the nutrient-rich endosperm, germ and fiber-rich bran of each grain. This Grainworks favourite includes cracked whole wheat for calcium, phosphorus and B-vitamins, and Rye, which contains compounds shown to benefit blood sugar metabolism as well as protein, vitamins and minerals. Barley contains beta-glucan, which supports healthy cholesterol levels. Triticale is a source of potassium, and Millet can help balance acidity in the body. Oats are a superfood that helps soothe inflammation while providing vitamins and iron, while flax contains beneficial essential fatty acids and plant lignans. Tasty Tips and Storage Soak the mix overnight and cook as a porridge for a wholesome, hearty breakfast cereal or grind into your fresh multigrain flour. Store in our resealable bag or an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Freezer storage helps keep valuable oils at peak freshness for up to a year.

Organic Hard Red Wheat, Rye, Triticale, Barley, Hulled Oats, Millet, and Brown Flax

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Can store for 12/18 months in an air tight container with being refrigerated, frozen or cool dark place (cold room)