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Organic Cane Sugar

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Our pure, certified organic cane sugar is sourced from family farmers who safeguard the environment while producing a delicious, multi-dimensional sugar. An outstanding performer in recipes that delivers excellent results and flavour. Why Organic Sugar? Water is one of the major constraints affecting the productivity of sugarcane growers and millers. Overall, organic agriculture helps safeguard precious watersheds. White refined sugar is the result of very chemical-intensive processes, while Grainworks Certified Organic Sugar is treated with absolutely no chemicals or animal by-products, making its idea for vegans. Because white sugar is so refined, it has a GI of about 80, where organic sugar -rich in molasses, vitamins and minerals- is much lower on the glycemic index, around 47. Tasty Tips and Storage Organic cane sugar is used as a "one to one" substitution for refined white sugar. For bakers, organic sugar is a pantry essential. Sugar does not require refrigeration; stored in bulk or our resealable Pantry Pack bags it can be stored almost indefinitely. Storage Tip: If storing in a bulk bag, keep the bulk bag in a cooler you're not using; this keeps insects or animals out of the area and your sugar in a cool, dry, airtight dark place - ideal storage conditions.

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