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Our Family Commitment to You

Farming Is Our Passion, And Family Our Foundation

Grainworks Team

We’ve been committed to sustainability and your wellness before they were trendy. Since 1912 in fact.

Our family believes that organic whole grains produced in harmony with nature provide good, wholesome nutrition. We grow sustainably and use a stone mill to grind your order when you place it. These traditional methods deliver whole grain goodness and freshness. Providing wholesome food choices for your family and ours is what motivates us to climb back onto the tractor every morning.

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Certified Organic & Non-GMO

We sustainably grow open-pollinated varieties of grains, legumes and oil seeds at our farm location in south western Saskatchewan. To provide even more selection, our team sources additional products from trusted partners based in other climates and soil zones who share the same commitment to wholesome foods and organic integrity as we do.

Canada Organic Certification

All Grainworks products adhere to strict Canadian Organic standards. The "certified organic" symbol is earned through a yearly verification process.

Sustainable Field

Sustainable Farming

Soil health is a cornerstone of our farming methods. As stewards of the land, we are mindful of the soil micro-organic life. To build soil health and micro-organic life, we focus on growing a diversity of crops through a well-planned crop rotation. Our goal is to build up the soil and to avoid depleting its resources.

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Small Batch Stone Milling

Why buy flour that has been over processed, with additives & preservatives, and may have lay in storage for months or years?

We create your order when you order. Food is custom processed in small batches on our traditional stone mill. This process operates at slow speed and low temperatures to preserve the healthiest parts of the grain- the bran and the germ. This retains valuable nutrients and yields flours rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Our products are truly whole grain and delicious.

Keeping it simple, we do not use any additives, blending agents, nor preservatives. We take great pride in providing tasty options for healthy eating.