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Our Manifesto

Farming is our passion, and family our foundation.

We know great food comes from working the land the way nature intended, and our commitment to healthy food and a healthy planet spans 4 generations. It all began with our great grandparents’ caring for the land on their prairie homesteads over 100 years ago. Sustainable farming is the cornerstone of our family farm and grain mill. Always has been, always will be.

We believe in “sowing good seeds” on the farm…and in life. And we know that even when our values align with yours, if we are to keep your trust, we must always deliver on our promise to bring you only fresh, high quality, certified organic foods.

We believe healthy organic grains produced in harmony with nature, not only provide better nutrition, but are also more flavourful. And wanting to provide better choices for your family, and ours, is what motivates us to climb back onto the tractor every morning.

We feel living a clean, simple life and working the land to yield its purest goodness, while continually improving the soil for future generations, benefits everyone. It’s just a good way to live, and we’re happy to share the benefits of it with you.