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The Farm

Grainworks and Grace Hill Farm is a unique family farming operation with holdings in Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. We organically grow open-pollinated varieties of grains, legumes and oilseeds on 9,000 acres of fertile farmland.


Our crop rotations avoid wearing out the soil the way repeated single-crop use often does. Biological organisms in the soil are protected and replenished, so the soil stays strong and rich.

Using the best organic farming methods, we enjoy abundant harvests and high quality grain products. In fact, our organic fields yield grain amounts comparable to area averages.

Watch for this logo on Grainworks Product Listings, and you’ll know it came from our farm:


We believe in: Food integrity, Family farms, Reducing chemicals ,Rejecting GMOs, Assuring water quality, Saving topsoil, Protecting workers, and Supporting a true economy.