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The Grain Mill


In over a century we’ve seen many things change. But the core principles guiding us, and our milling philosophy, remain the same as when we produced our first batch of flour over 25 years ago.

We mill at low temperatures to preserve the healthiest parts of the grain- the bran and the germ. This retains valuable nutrients and yields flours rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. So you can enjoy the healthful benefits of the “whole” grain in your baked goods.

To ensure nature’s goodness is all you taste in each Certified Organic Grainworks flour, we use no additives, blending agents, or preservatives. We mill in small batches for quality control and to assure freshness. We take great pride in providing wholesome and nutritious flour for healthy eating.

Our goal is to achieve the greatest nutrient value possible through good, organic farming and milling practices. We are proud to be both tillers of seed and millers of flour, and are excited to be able to share our bounty with you.