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Welcome to the new Grainworks website and online store!

After far too many months of delays, we are proud to launch our new website and online e-commerce store. You will see a new look while retaining the historical branding that differentiates Grainworks and pays homage to our roots!

On the home page you will see our most recent social media newsfeeds from Twitter and Instagram as well as our You Tube channel.

You will see all of our support pages featuring a new way to look up your favourite recipes!

In the PRODUCTS section you will be able to search out all of our items with an option to sort by category and other key criteria.

Please note – due to our “made fresh” mantra, for items we manufacture or repackage in different sizes, you may see the message “The selected product is currently unavailable”. If you see this message, please contact us as we will likely be able to mill or produce the desired item.

We are extremely pleased to offer a brand-new LOYALTY program! This feature lets you gain points for reward coupons that can be applied to purchases. Points or coupons are awarded when you sign up as a new customer, for placing an order, referrals, a share on our social media channels, or a like on Facebook.

In addition, you can also purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for friends, relatives and associates that can be redeemed on their next order!

Our initial store is focused on our RETAIL customers but in the near future, we will be adding options to allow other pricing level customers the ability to order through our online store.  As the store account requires a password, it will be necessary for current customers to re-enter their individual information the first time an order is placed.

Lastly, we endeavoured to ensure our new website and store is functioning correctly, but should something not be working or displaying correctly, please let us know so we can remedy the problem.

We hope you enjoy this new shopping experience and we look forward to serving you!