Organic Dried Cranberries

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The "pick of the crop"! Our cranberries are infused with organic Non-GMO sunflower oil and a touch of organic cane sugar to yield plump sweet-tart sensations that are delicious in recipes, trail mixes or for snacking. One of North America's three native fruits, and a nutrition superstar! Cranberries are native to North America and are staples of Native American and First Nations peoples. They're remarkably versatile and were used for food, as a fabric dye and even as medicine. Of all fruits, only blueberries, cranberries and Concord grapes originated in North American soil. In Canada, we farmers grow cranberries in BC and Quebec. They're temperamental youngsters, requiring an acid peat soil, plenty of fresh water and a long growing season (April to November).Cranberries outrank nearly every other fruit and vegetable in beneficial antioxidants, and are rich in vitamin C and fiber with just 45 calories per cup! Cranberries have also long been used to support urinary tract health. Tasty Tips and Storage Dried cranberries have many uses - all of them delicious! Add them to granola bar and trail mix recipes. They're also often used in rice and other pilafs and are also ideal for crisps and baked goods. Cranberries work well in a wide range of savoury dishes too - enjoy them in rice and other pilafs, chicken and pork dishes, and more. Store dried cranberries in a cool, dry place off the floor not exceeding 65B0F. Stored properly they can keep for about a year.

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