Organic Coconut

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Grainworks Organic Coconut contains no added sugar, sulphites, extenders or preservatives, just pure coconut goodness, fiber and flavour! The Tree of Life For centuries indigenous peoples have referred to the Coconut Palm as The Tree of Life. Modern science is confirming these ancient benefits. Coconut is rich in medium chain fatty acids that are "healthy fats". Medium chain fatty acids are easily used by the body and converted to energy, as opposed to long chain fatty acids that comprise most of the dietary fat people in Western nations typically eat. The healthy fats in coconut oil include lauric acid, a compound being studied for its benefits to brain health. Coconut contains no cholesterol and plenty of heart-healthy dietary fiber. Approximately one ounce of Grainworks Organic Shredded Coconut adds over 4 grams of fiber to recipes! Tasty Tips and Storage Info Use shredded coconut to add texture and flavour to your recipes. Enjoy it in hot and cold cereals, add to baked goods or blend into smoothies for a tropical flair. Toast it lightly to add pizzaz to salads and wraps. Or make a decadent nut butter by combining shredded coconut and your favourite nuts in the food processor til it reaches desired consistency. Shredded coconut can be stored in the cabinet for 4-6 months, or 6-8 months in frig or freezer.

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