Organic Millet Flour

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Grainworks Organic Millet Flour adds a creamy colour, mild flavour and a buttery, slightly sweet taste to baked goods and complements nearly any recipe. Naturally gluten-free, millet flour should be combined with other flours for baking. Millet: The world's oldest cereal grain Millet is believed to be the first domesticated cereal grain. Today it feeds over one-third of the world's population! While millet grains are tiny in physical size, they're big on nutrition. Millet is alkaline, so it helps to balance acidity in the body while supplying protein, essential amino acids and dietary fiber. Millet is also a source of manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. Because millet is gluten-free it needs to be used in combination with other flours for baking. Please note: Though millet flour has no gluten, our millet flour is not guaranteed to be gluten-free as products containing gluten are ground with the same mills as the millet flour. Tasty Tips and Storage Millet flour is ideal for recipes where you want creamy-coloured baked goods. It's a sweeter tasting substitute for bean flours, or can replace a portion of rice flour in recipes. Use it to replace up to 25% of the flour in recipes to add whole grain nutrition and wholesome, mild flavour. Millet flour will keep for 2 to 4 months in the refrigerator and 6 months or longer in the freezer. Store in our resealable bags or an airtight container.

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