Organic Oat Flour

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Grainworks Organic Oat flour is made fresh to order in small batches from our healthy, farm-grown hulled oats! When you buy our oat flour, you can be sure it's "just milled" fresh so all of its goodness and flavours are preserved. That's important because oat flour is so high in beneficial oils it has a shorter shelf life than many other flours. Oats naturally have no gluten, making oat flour a popular pick of the gluten-free pantry! "Oat-standing" taste and nutrition! Oats are shining stars among cereal grains! They're high in calcium, thiamine, and iron and contain the most soluble fiber of any grain. Whole oats contain the antioxidant avenanthramide, which clinical studies show helps protect against some cancers and heart disease. Oats also have anti-inflammatory properties. Oat flour adds a nutty, somewhat sweet flavour and a dense texture to baked goods. Oats contain no gluten so that oat flour can be used in gluten-free baking. Or combine it with wheat-based baking bases to add nutrition, taste and texture. Please note: Though oat flour has no gluten, our oat flour is not guaranteed to be gluten-free as products containing gluten are ground with the same mills as the oats. Tasty Tips and Storage Try delicious Whole Grain Oat Flour in your baking recipes, or as a thickener or breading flour. Oat flour can replace up to 20% of the flour in pie crust, muffin, biscuit, pancake, cookie or bread recipes. Oats have a higher fat content than other grains, so always store oat flour in an airtight container and a cool, dry place b preferably in the freezer, to prevent rancidity. Properly stored in our resealable bag or an airtight container in the freezer, oat flour can be stored for six months or more.

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