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Organic Wheat Flakes

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Enjoy our "pride of the farm" Hard Red Wheat Berries in flakes that cook up fast and fluffy. Enjoy them anywhere you might use rolled oats. Wheat - The crop that grew civilizations The history of flour can be traced as far back as 30,000 years ago. Because agricultural societies could sustain a much larger population, this led to the rise of civilization as we know it. A wheat kernel has three parts: the bran, the endosperm, and the germ. The bran yields dietary fiber and Iron. The germ contains protein; vitamin E; B vitamins, phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Grainworks Whole Wheat Pastry Flour has a protein content ranging between 7.5% and 10%. The endosperm, the largest part of the kernel, contains carbohydrates, some protein and trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. Tasty Tips and Storage Wheat flakes can be cooked into a creamy hot cereal alone or blended with other Grainworks' Flakes, added to baked goods for a chewy texture, or incorporated into your granola or muesli recipes. Store in our resealable bag or airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to a year. Stored in the freezer, Grainworks Organic Wheat Flakes can last a year or more.

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