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Organic Spelt Flakes

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Grainworks Organic Spelt Flakes contain less gluten than wheat and may be easier to digest than wheat for some. Carefully milled from our Certified Organic whole-spelt, they're talented kitchen stars. They're delicious alone or as part of a multi-grain mix. Spelt: A Good Wheat Flour Alternative Spelt can be enjoyed by many who cannot tolerate wheat. Spelt contains less gluten than wheat but is not gluten-free. Highly nutritious, spelt has a deep, nutty flavour with high fiber, iron, niacin, B vitamins, magnesium and manganese. It also has high water solubility, so its nutrients are quickly absorbed into the body. 

Organic Spelt

Product Highlights

Can store for 12/18 months in an air tight container with being refrigerated, frozen or cool dark place (cold room)